Clothes and Color - How to Look Slimmer, Healthier and Generate Respect

Clothes and Color - How to Look Slimmer, Healthier The colors you wear can make you instantly look slimmer, leaner, healthier and more appealing. Why because:

We react to color before ANYTHING else, and that's why it's so important – We react to color on instinct.

Let's look at how to use color in your dress to project a better image of yourself to all those you meet.

A response on instinct

We act on instinct to color , and through out history our responses to color have helped us survive.

For example, one of our ancient ancestors is hunting in the Jungle and sees a shape with black stripes prowling around - He doesn't wait to see the teeth! He immediately sense danger – This is purely the color of the animal that triggers danger Colors what we associate with them
As society has developed it has reinforced our association with certain colors to trigger a response.

Go into a Hospital or dentists, and you will often see pale green or pale yellow because of their soothing, relaxing impact.

Take a road sign, traffic light or warning notice, see red and you know you probably need to be cautious. All the time we everyday of our lives we react to color.

Color and your image

We can of course use the influence of color to our advantage, to create a positive impression.
Understanding what different colors mean to other people, means you can dress to project different images with the correct choice of color.

Consider this:

Around 60% of clothes sold in western countries are black. The reason for this is – Black can be used both formally and informally to great effect.

Wearing black formally suggests elegance, strength, authority, power and control - Think what colors the police use for uniforms and what you already associate it with and you get the picture.
If you have to attend a business meeting or any formal event, black is always a safe color. In Western cultures it gets peoples attention and respect.

When worn properly, you can't go wrong in black. Dark colors are always more effective in formal situations. Dark grey and navy blue also conjure up a similar image
While red is used many people associate it with confrontation, so it's not a safe choice for business meeting.

Why does red trigger a negative response? Think of signs that warn you of things i.e. a final demand for a bill or a no smoking or any other sign warning you not to do something! - Many people resent red and don't like it.

There are of course differences between societies in colors they like and don't like. A good example is red, which is seen as a very positive color by the Chinese.

Colors to make you look slimmer

Generally the darker the color the slimmer you will appear, no wonder black is so popular
The other trick of using color to look slimmer is to make sure that you dress in one color only.
Why? Because you are not bisecting your figure and you are not drawing attention to any of the problem areas of your body. Colors to enhance your look

For example let's take someone with a pale complexion. They should not wear many light colors such as yellow and lime green, as this will simply make them look washed out.
Think of hair color as well, or any other feature.

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Dark colors like black can really make you look slim, while light colors like white will show your hidden bellies. So, choose the right color of your outfit.

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