skinny-jeans wiggle

skinny-jeans wiggle That’s the sound of the skinny-jeans wiggle dance practiced daily by young women (and a few men) — a ritual plea to the denim gods that their skin-tight pants won’t cause them to pass out.

Want to move to a new beat?

Stitch’s new Moccasin line is full of styles that look fashionable but, unlike other brands, allow blood to circulate freely. Named for their coziness factor, they’re made of either thin corduroy or a lightweight Lycra-cotton blend in various shades of indigo and black, both of which contour to your curves perfectly.

The material makes them blessedly easy to get into and out of (i.e., no wiggle dance necessary). And since they hit right above the ankle, there’s no need to take them to the tailor.

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