The Highest Heel How To Wear & Walk In Them

The Highest Heel How To Wear & Walk In Them If you are a woman anything like me, you are obsessed with shoes preferably high-heels, and you wear them as high as you can stand them.

For heels range from 4-Inches to 6-Inches. And I walk fine and confident in them each time I step out of my front door.

There is an art to wearing and walking in a high-heel shoe.

They are wonderful once you have mastered this art. They elongate short legs and make long legs appear even longer.

High-heels makes your whole outfit look sexy, sensual, pulled together, and makes you appear confident. Men also think that women who wear high-heels without any effort, appear confident and in control.

High-heels comes in several heel structures. There are skinny heels, thick heels, wide heels, platform heels, wedge heels, kitten heels and so on and so forth. You have to find the high-heel that makes you comfortable and one you won't have any problems wearing, once you learn to walk confidently in them.

If you are a beginner, I would suggest that you start out with a thick platform or wedge heel at least 3-Inches High. The wide heel will allow you to balance once you stand in your shoe, and you would feel less discomfort from this type heel, as you probably would if you tried a skinny stiletto heel. Once you get comfortable wearing your 3-Inch Heels, gradually move up in height as well as narrowing the width, to a 3 1/4 Inch Heel, 4-Inch Heel, 4 1/4 Inch-Heel and continue on from there or stop here if that's all you can stand at this point. It's okay wherever you decide to limit your heel height and width, at least you are now wearing high-heels!

To practice walking in your high-heels, go outside on a hard surface and walk upright, back straight, one foot in front of the other, and do not look down towards the ground. If you practice walking in your heels inside your home on carpet, the surface will be too soft for you to get the true feel and wear of the heel. When you can do this over and over again with no effort, you are ready to walk out of your front door, fine and confident in your high-heels!

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