Denim with a Difference

Denim In the Denim wasteland of fashionably distressed, over-dyed & mutilated jeans that are seen on every I pod toting, trend-crazy worshipper, comes a high-end collection from Lee that stands riveted to the very reason why jeans were invented - functionality

Instead of racing ahead to stay on top of trends, REDS prefers to take a purposeful stroll towards well conceived & perfectly executed products.

Reds finds its roots in vintage clothing & has a distinct edge on detail & function. Everything about the clothes seems authentic.

The fascinating part of this vintage collection comprises materials & methods of construction which simply reflect the times in which they were designed & produced.

“At Reds, we use the finest fabrics & finishing technology available today to make clothes which are modern & functional”, explains Italian born designer Stefano Turk & his wife Lynne Cannon.
The pants are manufactured on antique looms with extra-long staple Zimbabwe cotton. The pockets are tailored for utility. The unmatched zippers are fashioned for alloys used at the time. Even the heavy washes hark to that very era.

The finishes product is stylish & comfortable with very modern influences but stops short of going over the trendy edge.

Reds are created for a discerning lot of denim ‘collectors’ – those who don’t require flashy labels & logos to be socially accepted.

The clothes are unique. You will either hate themor love them. The entire look & feel of Reds is indulgent yet practical. “I like to create great products & not great fashion”, as Stefano plainly puts it.

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