FASHION | Here’s the skinny on plus-size clothing

FASHION | Here’s the skinny on plus-size clothing

What are you to do if you’re a plus-size woman who wants fashion, comfort and fit? Some advice:

Fabric counts:: Stay away from crunchy fabrics. They make you look bigger. Junonia’s Nancy Mendele insists on stretch. “Cheap and clingy doesn’t work. You want a nice fabric with some give.”

Just say no to pleats:: Flat-front pants are a plus-size woman’s best friend. Pleats only make you look bigger.

Don’t sweat it:: Wicking fabrics are a must for larger women. And they’re not just for active wear. The sweat factor is something no one likes to mention, but it’s there.

Forget tents and floats:: Larger women now know that hiding under lots of loose fabric doesn’t help. Wearing a flattering, fitted outfit is a better option.
Watch the line. If it cuts you in the middle, forget it. The eye is drawn to any aberration in line or flow. Make sure it’s drawn to your nicer assets, not your trouble spots

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