Purple Fashion Clothes - Women's Fashions Autumn 2007

Women's Fashions Autumn 2007

Purple Fashion Clothes - Women's Fashions Autumn 2007 Women's Fashions Autumn 2007

Purple Colour and Symbolism

Purple is a colour full of symbolism and a long association with royalty. The colour purple denotes affluence, supremacy, dominance and magnificent opulence.

It is also associated with spirituality, mystery and pacification. Tones of purple can be used as a mourning colour instead of black or white. Read about Tyrian Purple below.

Women's Fashions Autumn 2007Deep Shades of Purple - Designer Clothes Women's Fashions Autumn 2007

Purple is one of the jewel colours of autumn 2006. You will find many shades available especially in this tone shown directly below. Purple colour can be rich and regal, dark, deep and dazzling. These designer coats in rich purple make a statement that says opulence.

These outfits below are the pastel version of purple. They are sugar almond softer tones, serene yet flirtatious. Purple looks good with most hair colourings including redheads. Softer pastel tones look especially good on blondes and those with silver hair.

Women's Fashions Autumn 2007Purple on the High Street

Purple in the deep shades is an excellent choice for garments because it suits most colourings. It also has a similar effect on slimming down the body as black, navy, brown and dark green all can.

Legs feature strongly in these images. Notice the similarity in style between the first two garments. Observe how sheer tights, dark tights, leggings and boots - are all used to good effect.

This dress on the right, image courtesy of Wallis, would be as slimming as black might be. Purple is a good colour for winter evenings.

Women's Fashions Autumn 2007  winter eveningsPurple Accessories winter evenings

Notice how brocade, satin, lustre, shine, fur, frills and feathers are all part of the look. These materials are used extensively to make purple accessories.

This lovely Sinha-Stanic shoulder baring silk wool halter neck dress shown left from Harvey Nichols is show-stopping and sophisticated.

You might opt for this or a similar shoulder revealing dress, but you may well find yourself chilly in cooler surroundings. A small sequin cape or shrug may be the answer to keeping glam, yet staying warm

fashionThe high street shops are gearing up for the party season. Shops will have puWomen's Fashions Autumn 2007rple accessories such as this NEXT feather purple cape. 100% feather with 100% polyester lining.

These purple Diamanté Wedding Sandals also from NEXT are ideal for dancing the night away and for partying. They have a heel height of approximately 8cm.

Other accessories that would be very useful this fall are the purple boots from NEXT (left). They are piped Microsuede Long Boots with a heel height of approximately 9cm.

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