shearling jackets

shearling jackets

Good quality jacket in the winter keeps you warm. But this season, shearling jackets are giving us a chance to keep warm and keep stylish, too.

Once you know how shearling jackets look like, you will see them popping up everywhere. Shearling jackets are made out of a fur-backed leather pelt, and can be found in real or faux leather, but will have the same great effect.

Shearling coats have a number of variations which makes them so much better to shop for. Soft suede, shiny leather, patch pockets, or a classic aviator style will complement all looks this season.

This season, we've seen lot of shearling jackets, which are perfect layering winter piece. Bottega Veneta's collection had more formal and refined feel to it, with soft tailoring and a slight “broken-in” look to its pieces. Its mid-length shearling jacket was in glossy brown leather with thick fur trim, perfectly accessorized with his signature large duffel bags.

Armani's beautiful shearling coats will strike a cord with any leather coat aficionado. They are beautifully trimmed and cut, and when played against the velvet in his season's collection, look completely sumptuous. Another runway beauty was found at Karl Lagerfeld, although his fur-trimmed pieces weren't technically shearlings and more fur-trimmed coats.

However, Lagerfeld's use of more wild, long fur allows us to envision far more creative versions of the shearling, from exaggerated coat lengths to longer fur lengths, to give us far more options.

Fendi's shearling jackets also give us viewers a touch of romanticism this winter. Fendi's collections are always big on fur and highly creative, and this was no exception. We saw raccoon fur woven through perforated shearling, which brings us to the next point: shearling coats are getting more exciting.

The shearling look that's in is pushing more boundaries than before. Designers are working with fur and faux fur to make it more lifestyle-friendly—dressing it up and down—as well as creating new looks for the fur itself.

If you simply forget about shearling for a moment, think just about leather. A leather jacket—regardless of the style—will remain classic and last through the seasons with ease. Leather, with the proper care, is hard-wearing. It can last and last, so following the trends within reason should still provide you with a wardrobe builder.

Whatever style of shearling jackets you choose; we have some tips to wear yours most successfully. What you need to consider most carefully when wearing your shearling jacket is to make the “feel” of your shearling to the rest of your wardrobe. If your shearling is more rugged, you can't sling one on with your best trousers and head off to work.

Same goes for an elegant style—you probably wouldn't be seen crashing about in the park on the weekend wearing something so refined.

Your best bet for a shearling that matches most of your wardrobe—if that's what you're looking for—is to buy a shearling jacket in a classic shape, such as a shearling-style pea coat. And don't forget that at the end of the season, you need to take your shearling to the cleaner's before packing it away, and waiting to wear it again next season

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