Your Wardrobe - Get the Perfect Wardrobe On a Budget

Your Wardrobe - Get the Perfect Wardrobe On a Budget Unless you're Beyonce Knowles or, Victoria Beckham then your wardrobe will be less about designer labels and more about a style to suit your budget and lifestyle.

Your wardrobe should be an extension of your personality, by keeping in mind the following basic principles you can have the perfect wardrobe on a budget that reflects your style.

1. Be realistic about your body type
No one is perfect so be honest with yourself about your shape and size.
Before you go out shopping have an honest overall picture of your body shape and proportion in relation to the length and width of your torso, arms, legs, waist etc.
Think about the areas you will want to accentuate and those you will want to disguise.
Squeezing into clothes a size too small, does not make you look smaller, it makes you look like you've squeezed into a size too small. Wear clothes that fit properly!

2. Don't be a slave to fashion
Just because it's in the shops does not mean it is for you.

This point cannot be stressed enough. While we understand the pressure to fit in and wear what everyone else is wearing, you will only ever be fashionable if you look attractive in what you are wearing.

3. Choose colors that flatter

Experiment with different colored clothing and see the effect it has on your skin.
The colors you choose can make a huge difference to whether you look healthy and vibrant or tired and washed out.

If you are pale then you should be particularly mindful of this and be careful of yellows, oranges, greys or browns.

Building your wardrobe on a budget

Now you know how to wear your clothes, what does your wardrobe need to ensure you can step out looking perfect in all seasons.

The key to the perfect wardrobe on a budget is to mix and match. By including the following base items in your wardrobe, you should have an ample selection of outfits for all occasions.

2 pair of evening pants 3 pairs of work pants 2 pairs of casual pants Skirts:

2 skirt for evenings or social events 2 skirts for work 1 skirt for casual wear Tops:

One week's worth of work tops/blouses 2 casual weekend tops and 2 t-shirt tops 2 jumpers/cardigans 4 evening tops Dresses:

One little black dress Jackets/Coats:

2 Blazers or suit jackets for work 1 casual jacket for weekend or fun 1 evening jacket or wrap 1 heavyweight coat Shoes:

2 pair of evening shoes 1 pair of stylish boots for winter or sandals for summer 2 pairs of work shoes in black, brown or navy depending on your base color) 1 pair of black, brown or navy casual or walking shoes 1 pair of tennis shoes (sneakers) By including these base pieces, your wardrobe will be flexible and easy to mix and match.

Choose base colors that complement each other then not only will your wardrobe appear larger than it is, but it will also be suitable all season round and in the colder months you will be able to wear your clothing in layers.

By ensuring your wardrobe has a good base, and ensuring any items you add are selected with care and attention, your wardrobe on a budget will be perfect for a long time.

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