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No matter how hard we try to hold on to those warm summer days, the time has come to wrap up warmly and shield ourselves from Old Man Winter. Yes, ‘tis the season to adopt that hunched-back, shoulders-arched, chin-tucked-to-the-chest winter shuffle. There really is nothing glamorous about winter, but there’s no need to succumb to the cold.

Technology is racing ahead at the speed of light these days, even when it comes to winter gear. That’s right, technologically advanced winter wear is available and this stuff is about getting the job done -- keeping you warm, dry and comfortable no matter what the weather conditions around you. From waterproof to heat-capturing moisture protection, there are some incredible technologies out there designed specifically to keep the cold out and your jolly holiday mood in.

So, if you can stand to part with your designer outerwear and indulge in some actual winter gear, you’ll quickly learn that fashion should lend itself to technological genius during the colder months because staying warm is just so much cooler.

GoLite zip topGoLite zip top
Perhaps the most obnoxious part about dressing for winter is the many layers that have to be worn just to keep the cold out; undershirts, thermal underwear, sweaters, scarves, hats, gloves, and heavy winter jackets, just to name a few. Well, GoLite has some winter technology that will definitely help alleviate the burdens of winter wear. The company is creating outdoor clothing that is lightweight yet performs to the max in keeping you warm, dry and comfortable. GoLite’s endurance zip top is designed to be worn as a base layer or a top sweater/coat and is designed to control moisture while locking in warmth. Don’t let the weight of winter get to you down; GoLite and go warm.

Columbia Deep Carve II socks Columbia Deep Carve II socks

Nothing is worse than cold, damp feet. Keeping your tootsies warm and toasty generally means the rest of your body will follow suit. While traditional wool socks are supposed to be the warmest footwear around, it’s also the itchiest, sweatiest and most unflattering foot apparel available. Thank goodness for companies like Columbia Sportswear, who offer a variety of snow sport socks that don’t just keep your toes warm. Check out Columbia Sportswear Deep Carve II socks made from a non-itch merino wool that is both heat-holding and breathable. The sock is also fully cushioned for optimal comfort and is over-the-calf with a stay-up-top. Available in models that offer arch support and ankle braces, it’s clear to see that sock technology is on the up-and-up, so chuck the old woolies and invest in some real winter socks.

Keep those toes toasty warm with a hardcore overshoe

GORE-TEX Upland Guidewear Pants GORE-TEX Upland Guidewear Pants

Whether you’re out on a winter hunting trip with the boys or battling the daily snowdrifts on your way to work, no one likes drippy drawers. Protect your bottom half from the rage of the winter months with a some revolutionary pants from GORE-TEX. Upland Guidewear Pants are specifically designed with wet-weather protection in mind. These pants feature two-layers of breathable, waterproof GORE-TEX coupled with an Infinity Fieldcloth XT outer shell. This highly advanced pair of winter pants is sure to keep you both warm and dry throughout any and all weather conditions.

Neos Overshoe Uptowner X shoe

Despite the snow, ice, slush, and general nastiness of winter, we still have to make an effort when dressing for work, and while Wellington boots sometimes seem like the best way to keep warm and dry while walking to work, they just doesn't possess the technologies needed by today’s mobile man. Neos Overshoe, a company that specializes in designing overshoes to be worn over dress shoes and other footwear not meant for harsh conditions, offers the ideal overshoe for the professional man on the go. The Uptowner X is designed to fit over any dress shoe and will keep the wearer’s foot warm and dry, even if the temperature drops to a frigid -20ºF. Outfitted with a heel comparable to that of a snowshoe and insulation that not only keeps you cozy but also shines your shoes as you walk, Neos Overshoe is definitely a comfy step above a Welly.

The North Face Apogee Snorkel JacketThermal Gear jacket

Finding the ideal winter jacket is often a tricky task. Certain criteria have to be met: It must keep you warm and dry, not too bulky and it must be functional and stylish enough to go from the ski hill to the post-ski party without hesitation. Well, The North Face has created such a jacket. Don’t be intimidated by the long name, but the ST Down Apogee Snorkel Jacket is a high-performing winter jacket that will keep you exceptionally warm, thanks to its goose down insulation and waterproof nylon HyVent outer shell. Designed to withstand abrasive weather and general wear-and-tear, the Snorkel Jacket's hood is also lined with faux fur and is fully adjustable. With an added, built-in belt to keep you snug-as-a-bug, this jacket is more than winter-ready. And what winter apparel wouldn’t be complete without gadget compartments? The Apogee comes with a multitude of pockets and hidden compartments specifically designed for iPods, PDAs, cell phones, and other electronic goodies. The Apogee’s rugged good looks and futuristic designs are sure to draw you in.

Gearing upAs

we painfully make our way deep into the chilly winter months, there’s no need to shiver and shake your way through the season. Today’s winter gear is so technologically advanced it’s so much more than warm wooly socks and rubber Wellington boots. From intelligent moisture-locking under gear to all-weather-resistant, lightweight outer shells, it’s amazing to think we were able to survive the cold before all this gear came about. So embrace the future of winter and wrap yourself up in some hardcore thermal gear. After all, winter time flies when you’re feeling warm.

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