minidress You’re all about cutting to the chase. Yes to direct communication (you can handle the truth). No to post-coital cuddles (chop chop, you’ve got places to go, people to see).

So you’ll totally get Dallin Chase, a brand new line of dresses. (And just dresses.)

The perfect marriage of humble and haute, the collection includes a gray rayon jersey number accented with ruching and a bias colorblock. Khaki geometric prints on a white V-neck minidress make for flirty fun; the white denim strapless with patch pockets and tie detail is mod when paired with ankle boots. A girly empire waist in raspberry will stand out against tan skin on a winter beach getaway.

And if you can’t wait till it’s warm enough for resort, do it now with a long-sleeve tee and tights. Super casual yet super sleek.

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