Like a Hawk

fashion In theory, you always liked playing dress-up in the prekinder days.

But usually by the time you made it to the clothes chest, Jenny Picks-Her-Nose and Cathy Wets-Her-Pants had gotten their grubby mitts on the princess gown and cowgirl chaps, leaving you with the less-than-desirable nurse’s uniform.

Finally, redemption has arrived. Milla Does-No-Wrong Jovovich and Carmen In-with-the-Older-Kids Hawk have whipped up a fall collection that will send a message to your playmates that you graduated from Velcro closures long ago.

Their trunks are filled with lovely pieces that manage to span place and time. Take your pick from discreetly sexy ’40s-style dresses befitting a noir ingénue, off-the-shoulder velvet frocks perfect for wooing a Montague, or a dusky purple ruffled number that would look home on the prairie but also downright fetching with some gutsy Louboutin booties out on the town.

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