Men's Scarf

Men's Scarf Men's Scarf

The scarf is quickly becoming the accessory for cosmopolitan men. The scarf is a slightly whimsical, unusual accessory, so if you haven't tried one, now's your chance. If you want to add some color to your look, a scarf is a good way to do it.

If you live in a cold climate, it's even better—scarves are a necessity in cool weather, so you can enjoy them daily as an accessory to your winter jacket or coat, too.

Your scarf should complement your shirt, but that doesn't mean that it should be a basic solid to match your shirt. Instead of going this chameleon route, try accenting certain colors in a print or patterned shirt. You can also try using a complementary bold solid to match your accessories.
Have you found the perfect scarf but are stumped for scarf tying guide? One of the simplest ways to tie a scarf is to fold a long scarf in half and knot the other end through, pulling tight.

This look is very European, very Italian, not to mention very elegant. This can look fantastic with a sport coat or jacket.

Another way to tie a scarf is to try an ascot. Ascots tie have a comfortable yet polished look, and are a lightly inventive and rather unusual way to accessorize. Ascots give us a feeling of old glamour, and it's rare to see one today.

Most often, we see them in nautical-themed outfits and on European styles.

To tie an ascot, pull the ascot around the back of your neck as you would a tie. Allow the left end to hang a little more than two inches longer than the right. Wrap the left end one and a half times over the right. Continue around, as if you were going to complete a second turn, but push the left end up, through the neck loop, so it emerges over the top.

Make the top flap the only visible portion of the ascot, and spread this cascade out a bit at the sides. There should be small creases in the ascot. Undo the top button of your shirt and tuck the ends of the ascot into the opened front of your shirt and center it. For the finishing touch, you can secure your ascot with a stick pin.

Ascots can be worn with most formal wear, including tuxedos, button-down shirts, and blazers. Contrasting looks are very flattering, so try a darker colored ascot with a lighter colored shirt - or vice versa. Be careful when wearing your ascot—it's a great and unusual look, but it won't go with everything. Avoid ascots with crewnecks and heavy or bulky sweaters.

Wear winter scarves wrapped loosely a few times around the neck or simply dashed once around the shoulders to keep you warm and feeling stylish at the same time. A larger scarf can be doubly worn as a daring shawl can be draped around the shoulders, as seen in some of the coldest winter climates—just make sure that you choose a neutral color for such a large expanse of fabric. Scarves can be luxurious in silk and cashmere, outdoorsy in wool, and everyday in cotton or rayon.

A more eccentric scarf tying to try is four-in-hand ties looped around your neck like a scarf. This look is far easier to pull off on an older man or someone with a more seasoned style.

Worn with a leather jacket or sophisticated dinner dress, this look is rarely seen anymore, so if you're a classic guy who likes originality, then this is certainly for you.

Scarves offer a wealth of opportunities to accessorize and look elegant doing it, too. Your best scarf tying guide is to look to old film and historical inspiration to give your scarf styles a new touch.

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