New Coat For This Season

If it's time for a new coat, you're in luck.

This fall's selection is rich in detail and texture -- a true departure from the same old black peacoat you normally see season after season.

Choose a coat with character -- fur trim, a belt, unique buttons or beading. And remember, a coat is a winter essential, and this season it's essential to buy a special one.

Belted Coats
New Coat For This SeasonPerhaps one of the most popular coat trends of the season was belted coats. Yes, the trench coat will always be en vogue, but this season, there were belts on everything from plaids with contrast stitching to wool coats with grommets.

Belted coats that are fitted on top and flared from the waist down work beautifully over the full skirts and dresses that flooded the runways. Create your own version by wearing a leather belt over a full or slim silhouette. Note to those with curvy figures — this is a figure flattering style for you so put it on your must have list. Start with this Jungal merino wool coat with brass buckled belt

New Coat For This SeasonGo ahead and embellish a little this season. No, not about the latest gossip — with your new coat. Wearing a jeweled or embroidered coat will make you wonder what you ever saw in those plain-Jane coats that are crammed into your closets from seasons past.

If you are trying to hide the tummy area, look for styles that are single breasted and straight cut. If you are bottom heavy, try A-line styles or coats that flare below the waist. Purchase something that will make you dizzy with excitement each and every time you put it on, like this richly patterned, quilted coat with beaded collar and sleeves

Puffy Coats and Jackets
Puffy Coats and JacketsLooking puffy may be a bad thing on a normal day, but when it comes to outerwear this season, it's all the rage. There's nothing cozier than bundling up in a puffy jacket on a cold and windy day.

When it comes to picking a hue, any color will do. Since black is back, you can't go wrong with it, but there's also something fun about choosing a bright color to fight the winter doldrums. We think this snap-front.

The above-the-knee length is perfect for those of you who may be a bit on the short side. It creates the illusion of height and won't overpower you

VelvetWanna feel swanky? Add a little velvet into your life.

It's the front-runner of fall fashion trends right now, and there's no better way to wear it than in a coat. You've been waiting for a trend like this to hit.

Something that will dress up your daytime look and at the same time will work perfectly with an evening ensemble. Think of it as last year's brooch, but this time it's clothing. Make room in your wardrobe for this fitted, velvet-embroidered coat by Newport .

The slightly padded shoulder makes it particularly perfect for those who are small up top.

MilitaryUnless you have been living on a desert isle for the past few months, you know all about the military trend that has fashionistas everywhere surrendering.

Short admiral's jackets and long officer's coats add brass to any wardrobe. The masculine nature of this outerwear balances out perfectly with the soft and feminine silhouettes that are also popular.

Advance to victory with this fully lined, lengthy captain's trench with epaulets.

The high waistline is perfect for those who are long waisted or who have short legs.

Fur Trim
Fur TrimTry as you may, you will not be able to resist the lure of fur this season. Whether it's on the collar, the cuff or simply on the inside, fur trim is a great way to get the fuzzy look of the season without going overboard.

Budget-watchers needn't be concerned — there are plenty of inexpensive faux fur choices out there as well. And the trim is removable on many styles, so you do have the option to go furless on certain days as well.

This luxurious, raccoon-collar, herringbone wool jacket by Juicy will infuse a bit of uptown glamour to any outfit.

The double-breasted style is especially perfect for those with narrow shoulders

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