Skinny Funny how two people can speak the same language and still not understand each other: Cor’ blimey! Fancy a snog? Get pissed down the boozer. Myolee.
Oh, those silly Brits. But let’s clear one thing up right away:

Myolee is a cheeky line of togs out of London that you definitely want to know about (you’ll look adorable in these basic pieces with a quirky edge).
Throw on a low-pleated vest top and look effortlessly sexy. (Oh, this old thing?) Or for days when you’re feeling dancey, the slouchy drawstring sweater just may make you feel like doing pirouettes around your apartment. With the capelet cardigan on hand, you’ll always be prepared for brisk fall nights. And be prim and proper in the square-neck, long-sleeve top.

Deep Vs, stripes, keyholes, and buttons add a bit of fun (but not too much). Rich purples, lush greens, and basic black keep things simple and elegant

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