Satin Basque or Sexy Silk Nightgown

Satin Basque or Sexy Silk Nightgown Buying a lingerie gift for your partner can be a daunting experence especially if its your first time in a lingerie store. Do you go for something sexy like a satin basque or an elegant pure silk nightgown. The unsurprising truth of the matter is that most men buy lingerie because they like it and like the idea of their partner wearing it. The problem is that what men think women like and what they actually prefer are two completely different things.

You would just love her to wear that silky satin basque whilst the silk nightgown will appeal to her far more. Your ideas are tied up with passion whilst her mind is more on romance. The secret is to find a compromise that falls somewhere between these two extremes. Colour is another problem area in this lingerie buying mine field as well. You know she will look fabulous in red but she is going to leave it in the drawer because there is nothing in her wardrobe that she would every wear over red panties and a matching bra.

Then of course there is the whole nightmare of size. A, C double D, what the hell is all that about then? Most men don't know a C cup from a coffee cup anyway. So what do you do about that one? Well I do have a tip for you here and its pretty logical when you think about it. When she goes out have a rifle thgrough her lingerie drawers and see what size the stuff she has already is. See that was easy wasn't it? Now you are most of the way there guys and ready to brave the lingerie store itself.

Now you have the size of the lingerie sorted lets take a look at the colour problem. You are always safe with white or ivory lingerie and she can wear those colours under just about anything. Lets get things into perspective. If its something she will get a lot of use out of then she will appreciate it all the more which is good news for you. Avoid the bright tarty colours unless you are expecting them to be reserved for the bedroom only although in certain circumstances you can get away with something in black.

O.K. so now the question remains, what to buy. Will it be the sexy satin basque or the elegant pure silk nightgown that gets her cooing with delight on the big day? If you want my advice leave the specialist stuff like that to the lady herself and go for a nice set of matching lingerie. The nice lady in the lingerie store will even do the gift wrapping for you and you are all set to go.

If you want to take an even easier route with your lingerie buying why not shop online? It's discrete and easy with all the benefits of the conventional store such as a gift wrap service as well. The picture quality of the online lingerie catalogues is brilliant which means the only thing you can't do is feel the goods. (hopefully you will get to do that later). Should you still settle on that silky satin basque or elegant pure silk nightgown after all and you get it wrong at least she can send it back.

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