CBI Fashion Forecast - SpringSummer 2007

SpringSummer 2007 PURITY

Far away from all those everyday responsibilities and duties, this is an extremely summer theme, escaping to liberty, care-free days, innocence and sensuality. It’s pure in all its forms and, therefore, simple-casual but also extremely refined. Fabrics, form and colour

SpringSummer 2007
This theme returns to the need for essential basics. Modern developments go hand in hand with retro classics, but it’s always comfortable. Inspiration comes from active sportswear, but also from classic basics. Unassuming, clean and simple and – particularly – playful, with attention to technical design details and made with great concentration

SpringSummer 2007
It’s a refined city theme, inspired by work and city life. Our daily jobs require sincerity, mirrored in simple combinations in our dress behaviour,but the latter must also answer to our needs for the materials used to ensure constant elegance and a chic-sensual, feminine look.Straight lines, non-crease, thin and – above all – uncomplicated: these are -fit them into your hand- baggage qualities

SpringSummer 2007
A muted classic/historical theme, as though in answer to the exuberant folklore theme for winter 2006/7. Historical influences from a whole world of rich, costume heritage translated into modern-day materials.

Some of them have a vintage look about them, but they can also be fresh and crisp, with special attention to handwork. The basis is mainly original, classic garments like kimonos, caftans, officers’ jackets

SpringSummer 2007

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