Swarovski Trend Directions for FallWinter 20072008

Swarovski Trend Directions for Fall/Winter 2007/2008

Bespoke Style for 2007/2008 For Fall/Winter 2007/08, the Swarovski trendspotters are signposting refined designs, reflecting the evolution towards to elimentariness and uniqueness. The team has highlighted five seasonal trend directions, where individuality is ring-fenced and expressed in tailormade style, design and habitat. The look is edgy and sensual; intrinsically modern but unfailingly feminine.

FallWinter 20072008
The Muse theme celebrates strident yet romantic women who are confident to interweave classicism and art deco with simplicity.

Reminiscent of the debut du siècle period, it features drapes and pleats under volume and sculpture. The Muse takes aestheticism as her inspirational motif and crystals blend into a variety of materials to become an integral part of the overall look.

FallWinter 20072008
Cult comic figure Tank Girl has come of age: her high-tech glamour influences futuristic Android silhouettes, shapes and graphics.

Sharp silhouettes and sculptural details keep things edgy, while crystallized, armour-like jewellery fuses with organic forms. Rounded, padded, looped and puffed shapes add a feminine touch as new synergies emerge between couture elements and functional sports-tech wear.

FallWinter 20072008
The intuitive Nomad's softly deconstructed shapes are supported by shamanistic myths and symbols.

Her single garment capes and coats are warm and functional and smatterings of sober, mineral-hued crystal worked into fabrics and materials provide protective sculptural volume.

FallWinter 20072008
The Diva has strength, attitude and a sharp edge. With the knowingness of a modern geisha, her subtle directness has the air of an Eighties Supermodel.

Crystallized origami expresses her desire for sculptural design. The look is softened by adornments of red and pinkish crystal gradients as Asian symbols mesh with a hint of Western cheekiness.

FallWinter 20072008
Our metamorphosed Creature loves to display her glossy, insect-like characteristics. Crystals on her jewelry and sculptured gowns adorn her like a shimmering carapace.

Dark gold and bronze ambience are inspired by Art Nouveau and crystal is her glittering camouflage that deflects the glances of curious admirers.

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