Leg work

Leg work You’ve worked hard on your legs (and buns and abs) of steel. So why do you cover them up all winter long in pants?

Show off your stems in a pair of Kashmino cashmere tights.

The luxe leg warmers are made of lightweight cashmere and silk yarn, with a little nylon and spandex thrown in for a perfect fit. They’re super flattering (unlike thick leggings), insanely warm (bid adieu to those cotton numbers), and totally comfy (a far cry from itchy wool things).

They come only in black, so you’ll have no problem choosing color. We recommend investing in more than one pair: You’ll want to wear them every day (and night). Plus, at $98, they’ll set you back less than a pair of fancy skinny jeans.

And get your gams loads more of the attention they clearly deserve.

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