Current Fashion Trends

Current Fashion Trends
It’s time to retire the bright colors and bell-bottoms; fall is all about warm hues, fabulous textures and glamorous accents.
Tweed is a must-have for fall 2004. Whether it’s a rich tweed blazer or a cute pair of tweed pumps this woolen wonder can be incorporated into any outfit. The trick to wearing tweed is to use it as an accent. Remember: you don’t need an entire tweed uniform, just a subtle hint to spice up your outfit.
Glamorous vintage-inspired looks are also hot this season. Cashmere sweaters, sparkling brooches and pretty, flowing, knee-length skirts can be a fabulous addition to any fall wardrobe.
PETA will likely soon be hitting the streets with their spray paint cans because fur is back for fall/winter 2004. Real and faux fur is showing up on boots, hats, bags and coats epitomizing the luxurious tone of the season.
The waist is also back in style so it’s time to embrace the belt. Stock up on belts in all sizes and colors because these accessories can pull any fall outfit together. Keep in mind that just because your pants have belt-loops doesn’t mean that’s where you have to wear your belt. The idea this season is to accentuate the waistline so wear your belts around your waist over fitted sweaters and blazers for an ultra-chic look.
The bottom line is that fall is all about femininity and class so stay away from baggy, frumpy, faded favorites and invest in some glamorous goodies.

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