Gold Story Board-> Fashion

Gold Story Board-> Fashion
This Autumn 2006/7 season sees more subtle colours edging out the brighter vibrant hues of last winter. Here is my take on fashion mood boards for women's clothes for fall fashion trends 2006 to help you envisage the tones you'll see on rails in shops
Powdery shades with brownish earthy rust undertones range from golden ochres, a hint of citrus to warmer softer champagne mink tones that lead to chalky powder rusts through to brighter watermelon, rich red, dark mahogany plum hues and back through to regal purple.
Gold metal is the jewellery of choice this season and any gold chain on a designer or high street fashion handbag makes the perfect accessory to help update your look. Fashion metallica is a winner when made with gold tone metal whether real or fake. Note how many items on this moodboard are fur trimmed placing an emphasis on contrasting textures.

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