Dadadie Brucke Dresses

Dadadie Brucke Dresses So let’s start with clothes — something you definitely do understand. The eponymous dresses may not be as “antiart” as the original Dada movement, but the designs are certainly inventive and challenge the fashion status quo.

The A-line numbers are canvases for mod motifs like bold stripes, circles, collars, and bright buttons with a hint of vintage. The short-sleeve empire cut combines beige trim and horizontally positioned buttons. Or throw on the Peter Pan, a black shift with a white collar and multicolored ascot. Meanwhile, the Pop Art dress lives up to its name with inset orange and fuchsia spheres.

None will set you back more than 200 bucks. Spring for one (or two, at that price) and you’re sure to be a walking work of art.

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