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GYM yoga clothes
GYM yoga apparel
GYM yoga

The 3/4 leggings are tight fit with drapery at the waistband and on the two sides of the legs.

This draperies have nice effects on the proportions of your body.

GYM studio

Choose the regular fit (not too tight) for the comfortable 3/4 knit pant in the lavender tone "wisteria". The pants have everything you need for your hot workout: elastic waistband, pockets, ClimaLite keeps your body dry by drawing sweat away from the skin.

The bra top in light green is made of the same ClimaLite technology.

The lightweight "Ksanti" shoes have a minimal look.

Prefer them for gym or martial art activities. The open layer construction provides a good ventilation.
GYM yoga wear

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