Bra Fitting

The thing with underwear, lingerie if you will, is that it should feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. Beauty shouldn’t come at a cost, especially not one that involves any of the above scenarios.

Bra buying is a fairly daunting task.
Firstly, how to get the right fit

Before you even put the bra on, ensure straps are completely loosened when first putting on bra. The straps should rest firmly and comfortably on the shoulders without cutting into the flesh. Straps should be adjusted enough to have the breasts lifted and sitting half way between the shoulder and elbow.

Fasten the hook and eye in the middle, this will give you the option later to loosen or tighten as required.

The back gore/strap should sit low and should be pulled down beneath the shoulder blades. If the back gore is too high it will give a saggy bustline.

Centre the breast in the bra ensuring the nipple is in the centre of the cup, this will give a nicer shaped bustline. You can do this by leaning forward letting the breasts drop into the bra.

Lastly put on some clothing to ensure you are happy with the shape you have created.
It’s still not quite right…

If you spend the entire day pulling up the straps, so much so you’ve developed some fairly decent biceps, then…

Reduce cup by one size

Straps lost elasticity time to replace bra

Shoulders are sloped, require a bra with tapered back shoulder straps.

You feel like the backstrap is about to become a blindfold because it’s riding up so much
Try a tighter hook

Loosen straps – the back gore should sit halfway between your elbow and shoulder
Bra is too big or has lost elasticity.

You’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders, or at least some nasty red marks
Loosen straps slightly

A more supportive bra is required.

A bra with wider or padded straps is required.

You’re not so keen on the Double-Decker look

Increase the cup size by one

Try a fuller cupped bra

The cups are crinklier than Grandma’s hands or the bra isn’t sitting flat

Trying dropping a cup size

The band or cup is too small increase size.

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