AVITA Gets Ready For Spring 2007

Spring 2007Spring 2007Taking cashmere out of its traditional use as a seasonal luxury item, AVITA revolutionizes fashion by not only providing cashmere and cashmere silk blends as year-long everyday wear but also introducing bamboo as a wonderful fabric.

For Spring 2007 designer Amanda Shi was inspired by the sensuality and the art of layering found in Japanese kimonos. Designing close-to-the-body silhouettes in subtle powdery shades, she drapes the garment in alluring ways to conceal and reveal specific parts of a woman's body.
Spring 2007
AVITA AVITA "The line that runs from the neck down to the back is very sexy and the latest pieces shows it off exquisitely," says Amanda. "By Spring 2007reinterpreting the shape and iconic features of the kimono Avita gives women a modern way of dressing both comfortable, feminine and sexy."

With many standout pieces from the latest collection, women will discover several must-haves from Avita. Manufactured in lightweight cashmere, recycled cashmere, cashmere silk blends and bamboo, the collection features colors such as sand, topaz, acorn, bombay, truffle, mushroom, olive, butter, kelp, lavander, thyme, frost gray, sylvan and black.

Tops with scooped back, split open sleeves, Chinese style closures, Russian military button accents, fishnet trims, dresess with wraparound strips, fabulous ponchos, 3/4 sleeve cardigans - are all easily certain to be bestsellers.Spring 2007Spring 2007

AVITA , launched three years ago, has made an indelible mark in fashion for its consistently fresh designs and offering women this new way of wearing both cashmere and bamboo.

Amanda says, “People are accustomed to only thinking of cashmere for Winter when actually its amazing luxury and softness easily lends itself to being worn all year round from day to evening. Bamboo, on the other hand, is softer than cotton and an environmentally-friendly garment for all season.”

“Avita opens a whole new world of possibilities for cashmere and bamboo through design and advanced techniques in manufacturing. Its bold colors also break new ground in making the fabric popular to women of all ages,” she added.

Amanda declares, "Avita is not only breaking out of conventions but showing the fashion world that there are an infinite variety of ways of wearing cashmere and bamboo. Whether you're wearing it with your favorite pair of jeans for day or a pantsuit to work or for an evening out on the town, Avita gives cashmere and bamboo a fresh sense of fun and flair." Source: avitastyle.com

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