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Cold-weather sports enthusiasts have never had it so good when it comes to stylish gear that will keep you looking hot on the slopes. Gone are the days of bulky snow pants and jackets, and color palettes restricted to black and green. Thanks to the use of high-tech fabrics and the recruitment of design masters to create edgy styles, winter sportswear is sleeker and more waterproof and moisture-wicking than ever. So combine your need for speed with these adrenaline-ratcheting fashions to knock the wind out of all those cute snow bunnies.

Burton cargo pant

Burton makes these cargos in short, mid-fit and tall sizes, so you can ensure that these ultra-hip snowboard pants will be fitted enough to show your shape, but loose enough to be totally comfortable. As far as function is concerned, these pants are lined with a polyester mesh that wicks sweat and moisture away to keep you both warm and dry.

In addition, seams are fully taped, meaning that your skin is completely protected from the elements. Easy-reach side pockets add extra style while providing plenty of space for keys, sunblock and other on-the-slope necessities. Just don’t forget to add a pen and a piece of paper to collect all those phone numbers that'll be coming your way.

Spyder Scorpion pant
Spyder Scorpion pant

Though they remain popular with many skiers, I’m sure you will agree that it’s hard to look smokin’ hot in a pair of suspender-style ski pants. Fortunately, Spyder has come to the rescue of fashionable skiers everywhere with these adjustable waist, no-suspenders-required pants for alpine skiing.

With a slim construction, water-repellant finish and Thinsulate lining, these pants are both smart-looking and warm. And side zips on the legs lend a rock‘n‘roll vibe to these pants all while making it easier to get your boots on (or off). Plus, unlike wearing suspender snow pants, you won’t look like a tool if you’re hanging out in these apres ski.

You’re going to need a jacket and some gloves to complete your look

The North Face M Centaur jacket
The North Face M Centaur jacketAfter rigorously testing their product in both the lab and real-life outdoor situations, The North Face brings you this breathable, waterproof jacket with the guarantee that you won’t find anything comparable for a lesser price. Other great features of this jacket include an internal security pocket, an adjustable hood for extra head warmth, and hand-warmer pockets. But this coat isn't all function and no fun:

The small, gray, graphic pattern is artsy and will make a serious style statement. Best of all, a hidden media pocket lets you bring along your iPod to take your snow adventure to the next level.

Columbia Hart Mountain hoodie

Columbia Hart Mountain hoodieThree layers are the rule for remaining toasty in subzero weather conditions, so you’ll be needing a warm, cozy piece like this Columbia hoodie. Sure, you could just throw on all your old long-sleeve shirts, but when you get to the cafeteria at lunch and have to take your jacket off, you’ll be sorry you didn’t spend the small amount of cash required to get something more ski-chic.

Reasonably priced, this hoodie has a relaxed cut and is made from heavy fleece, meaning that it will be effective in keeping in all your much-needed body heat.

The security pocket is a nice bonus feature in case you’re wary of wearing your flask around your neck.

Oakley Strike glove

gloveWith extra-small to extra-large sizes available and tri-curve finger geometry, you can be sure these will fit like a glove -- a must for stylish-looking outdoor sportswear. As well, proving that function need not be sacrificed for design, these gloves have a breathable, waterproof membrane, in addition to being insulated with Thinsulate.

But let's face it: With a motorcross-style cuff and reinforced genuine leather bits, these gloves just look so cool.skiing in styleCarving out a reputation as a great skier or snowboarder takes years of hard work, dedication and practice.

Carving out a reputation as a super-fashionable one, however, takes only a few minutes of online shopping time and, really, unless you find yourself buried in an avalanche, a high-altitude environment is not an excuse to look sloppy. Extreme conditions do call for extreme gear, but fortunately, there are loads of options these days that will keep you warm, dry and looking good. So don sexy winter pieces like the ones featured here and you’ll catch more than just air as you swish stylishly down the mountainside.

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