Spring 2007

Prada dress pantsTrend:

Spring 2007Spring runways are dominated by classic, conservative and unadorned warm-weather pieces such as polos, V-neck sweaters and sharply cut blazers. These white cotton, flat-front trousers from Prada are a perfect example of this spring’s trend for understated elegance.

For an "I-own-a-yacht" look, pair them with a polo, some expensive Italian leather sandals and tie a sweater casually around your shoulders. If you’re afraid of seeming like you’re putting on airs, swap the sweater for a blazer and add a brightly colored accessory like a skinny belt to give your rich, Ivy League look a rebellious, Whatever spin you choose to give these trousers, forget that rule about not wearing white after Labor Day. Simply add a cashmere sweater and a trench coat to take these trousers into fall.

Grigio Sport Bermuda shortsTrend:

Spring 2007
Fashion met function at the unveiling of the 2007 spring/summer lines when designers paired shorts with everything, thus ensuring you’ll be fashionable without overheating this year. The trend leans toward a more fitted -- but still totally comfortable and breathable -- knee-length short like this one from Grigio Sport.

Made from jersey stretch fabric, these will allow for maximum movement while retaining a sleek look. On the weekend, wear them with a thin-knit sweater for a chic, lounging-about look or try a bright, untucked dress shirt with rolled-up sleeves to give your look a sporty edge. For a quick day-to-night change, throw on a dress shirt and a blazer for an up-to-the-minute evening look that isn’t too stuffy for hot summer nights.

Paul Smith polo shirtTrend:

Spring 2007

This spring, fashion's powers that be were inspired by the swank of Studio 54’s glory days. Unlike past fashion flashbacks of that era, this one promises all of the glamour without any of the kitsch. To achieve that perfect, suave ‘70s edge without veering into tasteless territory, quality is key.

A close-fitting knitted polo shirt like this one from Paul Smith, for example, will be extremely flattering for most body shapes and will give your walk just the right amount of cool swagger. Get yourself a pair of contemporary boot-cut jeans and consider your shopping for stylish casual attire done for the season.

Ray-Ban aviator sunglassesTrend:

To modernize the golden era of the playboy without the tackiness associated with ‘70s revival looks, top off your swingin’ style with a pair of sleek aviators. Of course, no one does them better than Ray-Ban. Lightweight and durable, these sunglasses have scratch-resistant lenses and offer 100% protection from UV rays.

But really, when you look this good in them, who cares about anything else? For the hippest way to say “Let’s get it on” this season without getting slapped in the face, pair these shades with some slim-cut trousers.

Puma Drift Cat sneakers

Spring 2007

Sporty-chic is one of the biggest looks for the season, and the fastest way to get in on this trend is with a pair of sneakers. Get a slim, sleek pair like these Pumas and wear them with absolutely everything. You'll also rejoice that you can still get a lot of mileage out of these kicks long after this trend has passed.

Rhett Essex coatTrend:

Spring 2007 Carried over from last winter’s trends, the color gray remains a staple in any stylish man’s wardrobe this season. While winter focused on heavier grays, spring runways have featured a variety of hues -- from the lightest white-grays to deep, dark charcoals -- with an emphasis on mixing palettes by combining subtle and rich shades in the same outfit.

This lightweight, wool-cashmere blend coat from Theory will get you through the rainier months in vogue, and its classic, sophisticated cut also means it will quickly become a favorite staple in your closet.

Emporio Armani suitTrend:

Spring 2007

Designers definitely place an emphasis on comfort for spring, with everything including suits getting a looser, more relaxed cut. This viscose-linen suit from Emporio Armani is a great example of spring’s tendency for all things laid-back.

Cut the way only Italian suits can be, these perfectly coordinated pieces are airy enough to allow your body to breathe, but smart enough to make them appropriate for any respectable meeting. Since the blazer and trousers can each be worn separately in order to carry the relaxed trend through the rest of your wardrobe, consider this suit an investment for the season.

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