Spring - Summer 2009

Spring - Summer 2009Tomorrowland

Imagine a familiar yet strange dreamlike world. Mix periods together in an anachronistic way. Revamp vintage yet fall for the grace of the ephemeral. Rediscover a youthful freshness. Invent a modern techno romanticism.

An urban mood, in pale, bleached and artificial colours, teamed with the softness of grey-cast neutrals, and crossed by grating flashy colours.


- Fine and compact. Discreet textured weaves, smooth cotton/polyamide with a cool handle, raw denims in bleached pastels.

- Silky. Foulard twills in vintage viscose, pyjama-style silky fabrics. Iridescent and pearly surfaces on all grounds.
- Floaty. Translucent voiles, ultra-fine poplins, fine gauge jerseys for precious shirting.
- Knits. Tulles to pleat, lace, translucent jerseys.
- Yarn-dyeds. Creased, powdered, Prince of Wales checks and micro checks on all weights.
- Patterns. Necktie motifs, wallpaper prints. Watercolour, moiré florals, on frosted grounds.

Key women's wear products
- Simplified short jacket. Flounced bolero. Shirt jacket.
- Loose, flowing pants, with raised waist. Jersey zouave pants.
- Frilly petticoat skirt. Sunray pleated skirt. Seamed pencil skirt.
- Trousseau dress with spaghetti straps. Strappy sundress.
- Simple tank top. Flowing shift top to layer. Pleated top. Flounced T-shirt.
- Loose printed cardigan. Sheer sweater.
- Details: corolla flounces, loose panels like petals.

Key men's wear products
- Cropped and skimpy jacket. Shirt jacket. Blouson with bib-front like a shirt.
- Pleated slacks. Slim accordion or peg-top jeans. Slender bermuda-slacks.
- Shirt with details, bib-front, bows, flounces, fabric patchwork. Shirt with puffed sleeves.
- Slim polo to layer over T-shirt or shirt. Printed V-neck sweater.

Focus on accessories

- Women. Tech or romantic glasses. Bubble necklace. Wide belt with wavy design. Soft tote. Draped messenger bag. Translucent mules and sandals. Floral men's shoes.
- Men. Straw hat with ribbon. Bow tie. Printed floppy bow-style tie. Acid drop sneakers

Spring - Summer 2009 IN PROCESS

Shape, experiment, give standardization added value. Cross fibers and materials, bio and nanotechnologies. Cultivate ambiguity between natural and synthetic. Work pattern, cut, the concepts of comfort and ergonomics for simplified design in unexpected fabrics.

Grey-cast neutrals, cement, clay, recycled paper, slate or metal powder. Medium shades set off by a white accent, contrasted with earthy darks.


- Nonwoven effects. Resin-coated, scroopy, creased or paper-look cottons.
- Industrial naturals. Washed leathers. Laminated,

rubberized, oiled, gummy, waxed cottons.
- Micro structures. Rustic plain weaves in calendered linen, discreet slub cottons, herringbone in organic cotton, rough weaves in recycled fibers.
- Lighterweight. Glazed voiles, cotton/silk voiles, light chambray.
- Knits. Slubbed linen jerseys, honeycomb jerseys in mercerized cotton, fine chiné fleece in cotton/viscose blends.

Key women's wear products

- Sweat parka. Tunic windbreaker. Square-cut maxi volume jacket. Edge-to-edge jacket. Sleeveless jacket, visible seams.
- Peg-top slacks with ergonomic seaming. Ankle- or knee-length zouave slacks to fold and belt. Puffed shorts.
- Minimal shift dress. Boxy dress as trompe l'œil suit.
- Twisted shirt with elaborate seaming. Maxi grandfather shirt.
- T-shirt with kimono shoulders. Square-cut sweat dress with loose pockets.
- Large linen sweater with back closing. Sweater with placed pleating effects.
- Details: asymmetrical sleeves, necklines and hems.

Key men's wear products

- Boxy windbreaker blouson. Futuristic square jacket. Easy chic or casual denim vest.
- Pleated high-waist slacks. Neo-work pants. Vintage leather bermudas.
- Lab smock style back-buttoning shift shirt.
- T-shirt to layer with multi-layered neckline effect. Sweat and cardigan with rolled edges.
- Details: Velcro closings, webbing, adjustable tabs.

Focus on accessories

- Women. Unusually shaped necklace. Latex belt. Soft leather bag to shape. Boxy wood-style bag. Platform sandal to drape. Hybrid material ballet slippers.
- Men. Keffiyeh scarf in organic cotton. Explorer travel bag or tote bag in leather and canvas or leather and string. Luxury raw leather back pack. Rustic techno sandal. Raw leather gladiator sandals.

Spring - Summer 2009POWERFULL

Dare to take up the challenge of modern times. Build a bold and creative future like the architecture of cities such as Shanghai or Dubai. After the cool attitude trend, it is time to straighten up, sculpt shapes and take care over appearance. Bewitching appeal. A new lesson in luxury and glamour.

Mysterious and night-time shadows and austere faux blacks that catch the light are enriched by shimmering glints and livened up by vivid accents of electric light.


- Opacity. Compact, bonded or breathable cotton. Heavy canvas, tight weave twills and drills, thick denims.

- Glossy grounds. Polyester or cotton sateens, iridescent gabardines, leather-style waxed twills.
Precious shirting, lamés, threaded Lurex, metallic coatings, fluid viscose satins.
- Technical. Lacquered nylons, bronze coatings, membraned fabrics.
- Knits. Carapace or foamback jersey, velours, stretch interlocks, fluid fleece.
- Patterns. Giant and two-tone tribal geometrics.

Key women's wear products

- Shielded short jacket, twisted angled sleeves. Sleeveless, tuxedo-style, cropped waist-length or elongated jacket.. Hooded hi-tech blouson. Fluid zip-front blouson.
- Shorts suit in denim or casual cotton.
- Fluid jumpsuit with dropped crotch and waist emphasis. Slim jeans continue. Capri slacks with waist in the right place and round hips.
- Tube skirt. Structured dress.
- Seamed colour contrast T-shirt. Hooded sweat with split armholes. Graphic top, fluid top to wear over athletic crop top.
- Sculpted sweater. Chain mail tunic sweater.
- Details: colour contrast lining, matt and shiny bi-fabric effects.

Key men's wear products

- Chic and climatic maxi windbreaker. Shirtweight perfecto jacket. Multi-pocket city overjacket.
- Tarred denim slacks. Loose urban bermudas. Chic jogging pants with shiny flatlock. Multi-seamed sport inspired pants.
- Sexy shiny shirt. Shirt with French cuffs.
- Ultra-supple zip-front sweat with contrasting yoke. Silky jersey tank. Satin edged cardigan.

Focus on accessories

- Women. Tribal design sculpture jewellery. Bandeau belt in metallic leather. Chrome leather clutch bag. Heavy-sole sandal in raw leather, thick-heeled lace-up shoe. Platform gladiator sandal.
- Men. Cuff links. Braces for slim jeans. Maxi tote in anodized leather. Mercurized-look oxfords. Metallic leather, canvas and rubber sneakers.

Spring - Summer 2009

Look on the bright side. Breathe a little humour and pleasure back into daily life. Give classics a new lease of life through colour. Play with interactions between worlds and looks. Dare to go for urban elegance with active sportswear, virtual images and exotic influences. A redefinition of urban codes.

Saturated brights, sulphur, electric blue, flashy orange, purple pink to twist with coloured greys and classics. To wear in pop or cubist style colour blocks.


- Tech shine. Plasticized tarpaulins, rubberized canvas, coated twills, recycled plastics.
- Classics in colour. Slubbed plain weaves, stretch gabardines, coloured denim, plain or striped light synthetic suitings.
- Swimsuit knits. Beach or street jerseys, piqué knits, underwear-style polyester jersey.
- Patterns. Graphic motifs, pop dots, patchwork and stripes. Batik and Hawaiian prints. Day-glo or pigment-dyed photoprint florals. Madras checks.

Key women's wear products

- Boxy summer coat. Functional car coat. Long, rectangular, one-button jacket. Cardigan blazer. Zip-front blouson in nylon or denim.
- Flat cigarette slacks, waist in its place. Drill work pants. Short jumpsuit. City beach shorts.
- Inverted pleat skirt. Maxi-pocket slack skirt.
- Tube dress or belted T-shirt. Graphic striped knit dress.
- Flounced nylon blouse. Neat, square shirt with loose sleeves.
- Colour patchwork T-shirt. Sweat with printed message.
- Details: belted waist, accumulated prints.

Key men's wear products

- Cropped boxy riding coat. Oversize cotton trench and overcoat. Chic sport blouson with yoke and play of colours. Unlined broad-shouldered jacket.
- Slim cropped knee-length slacks. Ankle-length peg-top pants. Coloured or printed jeans.
- Colour block shirt.
- Fun screen printed T-shirt. K-way style sweat. Sweat with printed lining.
- V-neck sweater with or without sleeves in colour block cotton/silk.

Focus on accessories

- Women. Shades with striped frames. Necklace between scarf and jewellery. Charm necklace. Ethnic ribbon belt. Clutch bag with bracelet strap. Tote with graphic beaded motif. Plastic and leather sandal. Wedge sneaker.
- Men. Printed bandanna and sunhat. Printed maxi tote. "Frogman" leggings, coloured or printed oxfords, canvas and leather sneakers with day-glo accent
Source: fashiontrendsetter.com

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