Trends Autumn/Winter 2009 / 2010

Trends Autumn/Winter 2009 / 2010The colours of AutumnWinter 2009-2010

offer a wide range of neutral greys and warm reds embracing the interval of vivid colours.
Materials and fabric structures – weaves, knits, non-wovens and embossed printing techniques -
will interrelate with the colours; from time to time in the reliable way you expect, sometimes in anunpredictable way that will add a second layer to the discovery of the textile and the garment.
We have highlighted the colours we have judged to be in fashion for

AW 09-10 through the following five atmospheres:

Trends Autumn/Winter 2009 / 2010UMBRA

is the feeling of a slightly hesitant moment, the shift of light between day and night,
the suspended flash between past and future – likewise the colour range: it’s strong and daring.
The hushed neutrals complement the saturated colours going from orange and red to intense brown.

Glowing wraps and ornamental details makes a rich semblance, which is to be emphasized by stunning techniques such as embossed printing.

Trends Autumn/Winter 2009 / 2010FLAIR

is the grown-up approach. It is characterized by long time established values -
NB! no retro hunch - re-thought in a modern context for a modernlife style. This attitude is aiming for the peak: classic colours, which become freshly appealing in the way
they are arranged.

The materials applied - classics re-viewed and sophisticated moderns -

only the most excellent - will add to the resourcefull feeling.

Trends Autumn/Winter 2009 / 2010

is unpredictable! Where things are not what they seem to be. Effects are mixed and dissolved andre-arranged in new surprising constellations.
Equal to the range of colours simply covering the warm, red spectrum.

Surfaces are more important than the material on which the play unfolds.

Dye- and printing techniques uncommon for winter materials are to be explored
for this autumn / winter season. Shiny aspects - not metal - are welcomed.

Trends Autumn/Winter 2009 / 2010

is the meeting between washy colours and firm dark and medium greys,
the gentle contrast in the beauty of nature where the span goes from almost non-exiting neutrals to strong and full darks, a span as dramatic as the nature itself.

The melodrama is accentuated by the fabrics: fluid compact

Trends Autumn/Winter 2009 / 2010

the active story. Inevitable because it focuses on what’s necessary for our lives.
It’s surrounded by an aura of future beauty: clean and sparkling.

It emits energy and humble will.
The fabric range will embrace all complex modern conquests: smart fabrics, nano textiles, shape-memory fibers,etc.

Never compromising quality and demand for wellbeing, or request from the milieu.

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